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Turkish Payroll Association

We’re here to grow and improve the payroll sector in Turkey.

Our Aims

Why was TPA formed?

In times of crisis most sectors are hurt in some way or the other. In fact, many sectors may shrink to the point of extinction.

However we must know that times of crisis are in a way inevitable, and businesses must always be vigilant and be prepared. 

Truly vital operations that create real value are never the first to be eliminated in times of crisis. To achieve this we must be prepared to create a sector that is widely valued and recognized.


Sectoral Principles

Setting forth the principles of the payroll sector in Turkey

Ethics Board

Forming an ethics board who will take up customer complaints within the sector.

Data Security

Reaching common ground on data security and the personal data protection law as pertains to the payroll sector.


Providing licensing for new prospects who want to make payroll their career. Providing training and certification.


Providing constant training for those who and want to work in the sector.


registered employees




firms providing services on law and accounting


companies providing payroll outsourcing
Our Vision

What are our primary goals?

Creating a sector that grows quickly and strongly
Service Quality and Security
Creating a common ground of security and trust with our customers
Customers receiving payroll outsourcing services are able to focus on their main line of work
Worker Rights
Minimizing any loss of right of workers in our sector, providing supervision
Workforce Improvement
Taking part in creating and supporting the right workforce for the sector
Career Goals
Making the payroll sector into a sought after career path
Our Board of Directors

Who are we?

Our board of directors work towards raising the status of the payroll sector -a sector on the rise day by day globally- in Turkey, increasing market share and developing higher standards for the payroll business.


Ayşe Nazmiye Uça

Founder of Datassist Payroll Services and Dakika Online Personnel Management Platform, which in serving global fortune 500 companies and major Turkish Corporations in Turkey, allow them to focus on the human side of HR.

Vice Chairman

Cem Fikret Turhan

Studied business in Marmara University and completed LPSF (Leading Professional Service Firms) training in Harvard Business School. He has been a part of Platin Outsourcing for over 20 years.

Board Member

Zeynep Hande Alemli Aksoy

A graduate of Istanbul University of Economics, Aksoy continues her 24 year long career in Ernst and Young as Accounting Adaptation and Reporting Leader.

Board Member

Deniz Dinçer Öner

She graduated from Marmara University and has been continuing her work life as part of PwC for over 10 years.

Board Member

İlksen Keleş

She graduated from Istanbul University International Relations. Continuing her career in Deloitte for 14 years, Keleş is currently a partner.

Our Partners
Payroll Platform

Payroll Platform is a platform established to help payroll professionals have a productive and successful career, to create a bridge between payroll employees and those who receive and provide payroll services, to ensure standardization, to promote ethical practices and to introduce payroll to employees as a career.

You can get detailed information about the Payroll Platform by filling out the Contact Form.

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